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Enduring the hurt with a get well shirt!

Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween is over and you may be stuck with more candy than you know what to do with it.  Here are a few ideas to help get rid of those extra sweet treats.

  • Donate it to our troops:  Operation Shoebox is an organization that sends leftover Halloween candy to the troops overseas.  You can find out more about this organization at  If you have some extra candy that you would like to donate, box it up and send to:
    Operation Shoebox
    8360 E Highway 25
    Belleview, FL 34420
  • Halloween Candy Buyback:  The Halloween candy buyback program works with dentists who will “buy back” kids Halloween candy at a scheduled event.   Some ways that dentists will buy the candy is with cash, coupons, toothbrushes and other means.  Dentists then send the candy to Operation Gratitude or other Military support groups.  To find a participating dentist in your area, visit
  • Bake it:  You would not believe the number of recipes out there that make use of leftover Halloween candy.  Just google “leftover Halloween candy recipes”  and you will find a plethora of ideas for delicious cookies, brownies, pies and more.

  • Thanksgiving Crafts:  Did you know you can create a chocolate turkey by using miniature Reeses Cups, Straburst, Hershey Kisses, and almond slices?   It’s a decoration and dessert, all in one!  Find instructions for this neat craft at Domestic Fits.

Do you have any ideas for leftover Halloween candy?  If so, we’d love to hear about it below!


I Heard A Whisper

For our first BooBoo blog post, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you how the idea of BooBoo Kids came about.  We talk about it a bit on our web site, but want to go into a little more detail on here.  It’s a question that we get asked often, so here’s how it happened…

It all started out as a normal sunny day in August until I received a phone call that my  3-year-old great niece fell off the couch and broke her arm.  Then, the very next weekend,  I was out with my husband and we got a call that my 4-year-old granddaughter was in the Emergency Room with a broken leg.

From then on, we were running from house to house visiting these injured little girls. I felt completely helpless and their  poor moms were asking us not to buy any more candy, balloons, crafts and toys.  I went shopping in hope of  finding the perfect get well gift. Then it occurred to me …what about a get well shirt ?  And so the hunt began. I called gift shop after gift shop and searched online for a get well shirt.  I was completely surprised to find out that they did not exist.

So as I ponder the idea of creating a get well shirt for these little girls, I heard a whisper!  The whisper was BooBoo Kids. My heart began to race as I went to my friend Barb’s house and told her what happened .  She agreed to partner with me on this grand adventure, and so began the story of BooBoo Kids.

Sydnie & Ava, with their broken bones and BooBoo Kids shirts.

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